We like trains because they are safe, you can walk and stretch, carry some extra luggage, etc.

Although buses have a better price, if you would like to take the train you will learn how to book your ticket on this post.

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Booking Train Tickets to Granada

You just need to visit This is the official train tickets website in Spain (at the moment of this post, private trains using state rail lines are still a project).

A few hints:
  • This website has an English version.
  • If you have any trouble with the payment, try again using the PayPal options (credit cards issued from some non-EU countries are not allowed to perform the payment).
  • At Malaga Train Station (and others) you will be able to print your tickets for free using the machines and the code number provided after the booking.

High-Speed Train to Granada

Citizens from Granada are very happy since a high-speed train (AVE, "Alta Velocidad España") will reach the city starting from Wednesday 26th of June 2019.

AVE train and regular trains (long distance and medium distance) will probably do at least one train-transfer before heading directly to Granada. The last train-transfer will be usually in a town called Antequera, located near Malaga.

You can get detailed information regarding train transfers while booking your train ticket on Renfe's website.

Departure Cities

Since we are Malaga Trips, we usually go deeply regarding information from Malaga to Granada.

However, if you are in another city, you will also be able to book trains to Granada following the same steps. 

These are the major cities' frequency to Granada:
  • Three daily trains from Madrid (3 hrs 20 mins),
  • two from Malaga (1 hr 30 mins) and
  • one from Barcelona (6 hrs 30 mins).
From Malaga, the price is approx. 35€ per person (each way). Buses, less than 20€.

Once you are in Granada

As most train station, Granada's is located near the city center. You will find taxis waiting outside and the price is very convenient (credit cards are accepted). 

We don't recommend you to hire a rental car in Granada (except you are going outside Granada, such as Sierra Nevada or others) since the city center has restricted areas and you can go to Alhambra using the local mini-train, taxis or local buses.

You can read this post if you need more information regarding this topic.

Remember to plan your visit

Granada's more important monument is the Alhambra Palace and since it is the most visited monument in Spain, tickets are sold out quickly. 

If you would like to avoid any complication, you can book a tour to Granada and Alhambra direct from Malaga on our website:


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