The faster and more competitive price to visit Granada from Malaga, you will find buses almost every hour.

On this post, you will know how to buy your ticket and a few tips regarding going to La Alhambra & Granada by bus from Malaga.

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Booking your Tickets

There is only one company offering this service from Malaga and its name is ALSA.

You can buy the tickets online at or, if you would like to avoid a very strange "online fee", buy the tickets directly at the bus station.

By the way, bus station is located near the train station, exactly here: Paseo de los Tilos, s/n, 29006

Choose your Trip Wisely

Read carefully the arrival time of each trip since some buses go directly to Granada and others make several stops on the way to pick up or drop passengers at the small towns in the way.

For sure it can be interesting to pay a short visit at these small white villages, but it can make your journey 1 hour longer than expected.

Once you are in Granada

Granada's bus station is located a little bit far away from the city center. You will find taxis waiting outside and the price is very convenient (credit cards are accepted). You can also take a local bus to the city center.

Regarding rental cars, we don't recommend this option (unless you are going outside Granada, such as Sierra Nevada or other nearby towns) since the city center is restricted only to residents, taxis and local buses,.

If you are going to La Alhambra, you can take the local mini-train, a taxis or the local public minibusses.

You can read this post if you need more information regarding this topic.

Visiting Alhambra? Plan your visit!

Depending on the time of the year you are visiting Granada, Alhambra tickets can be hard to find. 

If you are only interested in visiting Alhambra and Granada for one day, you can secure your transport and tickets our website:

Drop your bags in Malaga and you can visit any Andalusian city and even Morocco!


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