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Going to Granada & Alhambra by Car

Going to Granada on your own and visiting Alhambra? You can do it! Read this post with the important tips you need to know to avoid fines and save time.

On the other hand, if you prefer to avoid stress during your holidays, you can book a guided tour with us. Check more about our guided tours at or contact us at

Accessing Granada:

Just search Granada in Google Maps and use the GPS, right? Well, not that simple.

Although the route through the highways from any city you are will work very good, once you reach Granada you will need to be aware of the restricted areas:

  • Access to the city center is only allowed to residents, taxis, and local buses.
  • No, you are not allowed to enter the city center area (next to the Cathedral) even in a rental car.
  • Yes, you will be fined and that fine will probably arrive a few months after your trip to your credit card, plus the rental company fee.
  • Here you can download a pdf map with the restricted areas (posted in June 2019). If you think the map is confusing, the signs on the streets are even worst for foreign people.

Where to park in Granada:

You will find a few paid parking areas near Neptuno Centro Comercial (shopping mall). They are not free but you will find parking slots available and from here there is only a 20 mins walk to the city center.

You can also hire a taxi from this location to the city center (5€) or to La Alhambra (15€).

If you are lucky, near this area you can find free parking slots in the street.

About Albayzin Quarter:

Here you will find the best viewpoints to contemplate La Alhambra, a few restaurants with great reviews and a bohemian atmosphere.

Unfortunately, this area is also restricted, so if you would like to visit it, we recommend you to:

  • Hire a taxi,
  • Take the mini-train from the city center or
  • Walk up the hill through the Moorish markets. 

Accessing Alhambra:

No problems here. Alhambra parking is very near to the entrance! The only issue would be the price, but it isn't outrageous either.

Once at La Alhambra, it can be a good idea to go to the city center using a taxi (less than 10€) or taking the local minibus (less than 2€). This way you will be at the heart of Granada (right next to the Cathedral, Royal Chapel and others) without the access problems.

It's up to you:

Once again, if you add the price of the rental car, insurance, fuel, parking costs, and time spent driving around an unknown city, perhaps it's a good idea to hire a tour (private or group tour).

You can find both of them here:


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