Good weather, British life, stunning views, monkeys and it possible? Yes, it is! And you will find it not so far away from Malaga, visit Gibraltar!

We love to show you the best spots of the south of Spain... and Gibraltar is one of those highlights!

Why to visit Gibraltar in a day trip from Malaga?

To know how and why a part of Britain is located in the Mediterranean sea, is quite interesting. So we propose you to book a day trip to Gibraltar from Malaga!

To convince you, there are three main reasons:

1) If you would like to stay in Gibraltar, it is expensive, so the best option for most travellers is to book a day trip to Gibraltar with transportation included. If you are staying in Malaga, there are several pick up/drop off stops. Save time and money!

2) The rock is not very big, so you can have an idea of this point of the world in just one day.

3) You will learn a lot of interesting history in short time between the Spanish and British culture with an expert tour guide.

The Rock of Gibraltar - Malaga Trips

What to see in Gibraltar in a day trip from Malaga?

The Top 6 attractions and must sees in Gibralar are:

1) Check out the Monkeys, it is very fun!...but please take care of your food and cameras!

Gibraltar Monkeys - Malaga Trips

2) Visit one of The pillars of Hercules. Once upon a time, our ancestors thought this point was the end of the world...

3) To learn the history of this British territory is always interesting, and much more if you are spending your holidays in Spain, two countries in one trip!

British territory at the Mediterranean Sea - Malaga Trips

4) Enjoy the views. On a clair day, views of North Africa can be seen across the Strait of Gibraltar from Europa Point.

Europa Point - Malaga Trips

5) Tax-free shopping in main street and Morrison Supermarket is something you can't is always nice to buy cheap!

Tax Free Shopping in Gibraltar - Malaga Trips

6) Visiting St Michael´s Cave, you will enjoy the impressive stalactites and stalagmites in a huge cave system.


  • Gibraltar is a British overseas territory and the official language in the rock of Gibraltar is English, but Spanish is spoken widely because there are Spanish people working there everyday.

  • The currency here is pound sterling.

  • You will need your passport to visit this city (or ID if it is a valid document to travel around the EU). You could experience some queues when entering and exiting, because you need to cross the border between Spanish territoy and British rock.

Gibraltar View from Spain - Malaga Trips

If you prefer a day trip well organized where you don´t need to worry about driving, etc... and a local tour guide will help you to enjoy until the last minute of your day in Gibraltar, you can book easily with a click Gibraltar & St Michael´s Caves Day Trip from Malaga!

Book Gibraltar Day Trip from Malaga 47,90€ - Malaga Trips

Book with and you will enjoy the best Malaga tours and Malaga city trips, like segway and bike tours, tapas and paella cooking courses, hop-on hop-off sightseeing, a relaxing massage, Picasso Museum, Thyssen Museum... day trips from Malaga to Granada, Ronda, Nerja, Gibraltar, Córdoba, Sevilla...visit Malaga with our tour package and you will not regret it! If you have any thoughts or comments, we’d love to hear from you!

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