Going to Caminito del Rey by Bus

We must insist: Malaga Trips is a booking service business and if you want to book our Caminito del Rey Guided Tour and skip the details, just click here.

However, if you would like to know more details about how to get to Caminito del Rey by bus, you are on the right page!

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We must say that this post could have been titled: "Why not to go to Caminito del Rey by Bus". Regardless, we will explain how to get there and every aspect you need to know about going to El Chorro by bus.

First Warning: Bus Schedule and lines change a lot!

Unfortunately, the line M-236 bus is not working in 2017, so it is not possible to go to Caminito del Rey by 1 bus, you need to take 2 buses! First the line M-231 or M-233 from Malaga to Alora, and once you are in Alora. you will need to take the bus M-340 from Alora to El Chorro/Caminito del Rey.

Cliffside View from the Road

Second Warning: Get your Caminito del Rey Tickets First

You must check Caminito del Rey tickets availability and they are usually sold out during weekends. If you need more help about buying your tickets online, read this post.

If you go by bus without tickets, you will not find tickets there to buy. You must buy them in advance at Caminito del Rey website.

Remember to include the bus option when you are buying your ticket to Caminito del Rey. This bus will take you from El Chorro train station (Caminito del Rey exit) to the north entrance. This is a different bus than the one that will take you from Malaga to El Chorro.

Going to Caminito del Rey by Bus

These are the indications you need:
  • Where: You need to take the bus M-231 or M233 at Malaga Bus Station (the one next to the train station).
  • When: From 7:00am
  • How long: The trip should last around 1 hour to Alora. Then you will need to take the M340 Bus from Alora to El Chorro/Caminito del Rey at 08.45am or 10.25am (these times could change, check out the official renfe website). It takes 30 min to arrive to El Chorro/Caminito del Rey.
  • Where to get off: You must get off the bus at the last station: El Chorro.
  • You can check official information about M-231 bus here and M-340 bus here.

At the last stop (El Chorro/Caminito del Rey) you will switch buses and you have to take the bus that takes you from El Chorro to Caminito del Rey North Entrance. If you booked your Caminito del Rey tickets with bus, you only need to show your printed tickets to get in.

Once you are there, there are two restaurants, from there you will need 30 minutes walking to reach the entrance of Caminito del Rey. Check our Caminito del Rey by Train Schedule to read more information about what to do at Caminito del Rey entrance.

Caminito del Rey Cliffside Path

Coming back to Malaga

To come back to Malaga you need to know this:
  • Where: Take M-340 bus at El Chorro, at the same place you got off the bus. Check the times here.
  • When: Depending on the time. there are buses to Alora from El Chorro each 30min o 1 hour.
  • How long: Same than before.
  • Where to get off: Alora. There you will need to take the M-231 to Malaga Bus Station (last stop).

Why We Don't Recommend Going by Bus

We suggest you to book a tour with us, but if you are going by yourself, there are a few reasons that makes us think that train is a better option than the bus:
  • Trains departures every day  and you just take a transportation to El Chorro/Caminito del Rey, not 2 buses.
  • Trains are faster, you don't need to spend too much time travelling.
  • Train departures later, you can sleep more!
  • Train arrives back to Malaga earlier, you can spend more time in Malaga!

We hope this information is useful!

The Easy Way

We don't want to exaggerate or push you, but did we mention that the easiest way is booking a tour service to Caminito del Rey with us? You don't have to worry about tickets, maps or transportation.

Caminito del Rey Cliffside Path & Bridge is a local booking service that offers you:
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If you have any thoughts or comments, we’d love to hear from you!


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