Jasmine flower smells in Málaga...

One of the most beautiful traditions in Málaga is our favourite symbol La Biznaga! Traditions are made of passion and love, so discover in this blog, the meaning of this beautiful  handcrafted "flower" made of Jasmine and the get ready to know the best summary info about it!

Tell me more about its name...

The word BIZNAGA comes from the Arabic and means “a gift of God". It smells so good that our ancestor  used it as an air freshener and as a natural mosquito repellent.

the-tatue-of-the-biznaguero -located-in-jardines-de-Pedro-Alonso
The Statue of the Biznaguero - Jardines de Pedro Alonso

How is it made?

The Biznaga is a composition of  bunches of jasmine, but prepared in a special way. The structure of the biznaga is a dried thistle with narrow spikes coming out of its head. This part remains forever, so you can save it to make your own Biznaga every summer.

The decorative white flowers are Jasmine flowers taken early morning, when they are closed. Here there is the handcraft work,  attaching the buds on the dried stem. During the evening, the flowers will start opening, creating the wonderful Biznaga and  spreading the strong summery and nice aroma.

Biznaga - Malaga´s handcrafted Flower

Where can I buy it?

During the evening, in spring and summer, walking around the city centre and the promenade you must find the person who sell them. You will recognize  "El Biznaguero", a man wearing black trousers, red waistband and white shirt who sell this magical flowers, walking around the city looking for couples, and always holding a lot of  natural Biznagas together, attached in a base. The price is 4 euros usually and it smells from some meters away!

El Biznaguero - The seller of these beautiful symbol


Women from Malaga love this typical flower... a romantic symbol and a beautiful gift to remember a special evening during the summer.

Biznaguero at Alcazabilla Street - Malaga

Biznagas as souvenirs

Lately, women have started to use jewellery, brooches and many other handmade souvenirs with the shape of a Biznaga. It is really original to wear it, because you can explain where, why and what is the meaning of this great gift.

Best gift typical from Malaga - Malaga Trips

Hope you remember this post when you are spending a lovely evening in Malaga. You will not regret to buy one of these wonderful Biznagas!

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