Andalusian eating habits are very different and you will realize very soon on your visit to Malaga. Citizens from Andalusia are used to share food ordering different dishes with their friends and family...at lunch and dinner, always! It´s not common to eat one dish each like other countries of Europe, USA, or South America. We want to help you with some tips and curiosities, so keep reading!

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How to order your lunch in Malaga or Andalucia?

Usually people order to eat as different dishes as persons there are and everything to share! So you can taste different food, eating just a little of each.

It is such a traditional eating way, that you will find at the menu "racion" and "1/2 racion" (smaller). Ración means a dish.

Once you are here you must have a look around and probably you will see a full dish in the middle of the table, and everybody with a fork on the hand taking some piece of the central dish. Usually the waiters offer a empty dish for each one as well, just in case that you want to put some portion on your own plate.

You can combine in this way, some salad, some meat or fish and some dessert, and take a little piece of each one, it is perfect!

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Mosaico Restaurant - MalagaTrips
Mosaico Restaurant - MalagaTrips

Would you like some recommendation? 

We are pleased to give you some ideas if you are staying in Malaga and you don´t know what kind of food to order for your lunch:

Starter or Tapas: "Ensaladilla rusa" (potatos with mayo) or some mediterranean salad. Tomato with oil and spices. A traditional dish from Malaga is "ensalada malagueña" with potatoes, orange, onion, hard-boiled egg, olives and cod (oil and salt), which is not a real salad but it is so fresh.

If you love tapas we recommend you to have a look to the post "Tasty Spanish Tapas in Malaga"

Fried Fish: Boquerones (small fishes typical on the mediterranean sea). Rosada (white fish) or Calamari.

Meat: Pork is more usual in this area, so you can taste it in differents cooking ways. Most of the times with some special sauce. We recommend you "Flamenquin" (meat roll with cheese and ham),

Paella: It is perfect always to share! You should taste the black paella, with squid ink!

If you would like to know more about the most important market in Malaga, Atarazanas Market, where you will find the local food and the best history, you can check out the post "Atarazanas Market in Malaga".

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Bread: It is really important for us! We love it! We eat it with everything and anything! Also breadstick are so famous in the region.

Oil: Malaga is a great place to eat out on the cheap and not so healthy. Traditions have developed to cook everything with a lot of oil...and specially in Andalusia fried food is quite common. But everybody love it! If you would like to know why, you can book the interesting tour Tasting Olive Oil & Visit to Olive Farm from 59€.

Water: We like water at some point of lunch or dinner. It is too hot in summer, and after some beers or wine, it is necessary to hidratate the body with some fresh water. Please, don´t think we just drink beer and sangria!

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Pro Tips

If the waiter recommend you a dish, which is not at the menu, pyou should ask how much is it. Sometimes...this kind of dishes are more expensive than usual.

Ham "Jamon Serrano" is really good...but take care with the price! 

Do not order fish on Monday! Usually the day off for fishers is Sunday.

Don´t give too much "tip". In Spain is not 10% or 15%.

Eat grilled fish at the beach "Espeto de Sardinas"! Where you will find the best prices and quality! If you would like to know more about this you can book as well the great Espetos Workshop: Typical Sardines Barbacue from 52,50€ per adult!

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I hope you enjoyed this post!  Remember you can book the best eat & drink tours for a wonderful price with the best guides of the city!

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We would like to hear from you! You can add some comments and you will help other travellers ;)

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