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A little of Atarazanas Market History 

The actual market was built between 1976-1979 and it was inspired on Les Halles Market in Paris, France.

The marble door is the oldest element of the market, which belongs to the old muslim construction.

Long time ago, it was the door to the sea and it was sorrounded by the fortress wall. The name of the market "Atarazanas" means shipyards, because it used to be a place where ships were repaired during the 13th century (remember the Muslim Period in Malaga  was between 7th-13th centuries, you can check this part of the history if you click here). During this time, Muslims built The Alcazaba and Gibralfaro Castle, and the city grew from the castle to the sea.

Front-door-Atarazanas- Market - Malaga- Trips
Front Door Atarazanas Market - Malaga Trips

The area was used like a hospital and a militar base during a lot of years before the construction of the actual building.

In 2010 the building was rehabilitated and the glass window panel was restorated.

When can you visit Atarazanas Market? 

The most important to know it is the timetable! Ataranas Market is open from 8am to 2pm, from Monday to Saturday.

Where is located Atarazanas Market?  

The address is Atarazanas Street, 10. It has several doors depending on the side of the Market.

Back-door-Atarazanas- Market - Malaga- Trips
Back Door Atarazanas Market - Malaga Trips

What kind of food is there in Atarazanas Market? 

You will find different areas, fruit and vegetables, fish, meat and typical products of Malaga like olives, cheese, spices, nuts and others that you will discover there.

Olive Atarazanas Market -Malaga Trips
Olive Atarazanas Market - Malaga Trips

Why is Atarazanas Market so famous? 

Because it is the Central Market from the 15 municipal markets on the city and it is the oldest one. The glass window panel represents typical monuments of the city and gives a special art style to the market.

Inside Atarazanas Market -Malaga Trips
Inside Atarazanas Market - Malaga Trips

Special Tip at Atarazanas Market

You can have a drink at noon and taste some typical tapas, for example we recommend you to taste the "Navajas" (razor-shell) or fried fish "Boquerones" as appetizers. You can feel the local enviroment where everybody find some time to relax and have fun.

Fruit Atarazanas Market -Malaga Trips
Fruit Atarazanas Market - Malaga Trips

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