Welcome to the Summer! One of the most special nights in Malaga is the night of "San Juan" every 23rd of June. 

The peculiar festival is celebrated  along the "Costa del Sol" where citizens of Malaga and visitors enjoy the fire, the water and the music together. There are several stages and concerts to enjoy the music, so let´s go to have fun this night!

Typical Bonfires of San Juan
Typical Bonfires of San Juan 

At midnight you will see a lot of bonfires at the beach surrounded by people who burn the things of the year that they don´t need anymore and the "Júas", the puppet representation who is burnt in the middle of the fire. Families, friends and neighbours dance, sing and hold their hands. The most audacious will even jump over the fire in order to burn away all negativities (very crazy and dangerous).

Júas - Puppet burnt at Bonfire of San Juan
Júas - Puppet burnt at Bonfire of San Juan

So, if you would like to be lucky next year, the tradition tells that you must:

1. Jump over the bonfire (A small corner is all right, don´t put yourself at risk).

2. Burn something old to start a new and lucky stage and a piece of paper with your wishes. Some students burn the school books.

3. Swim in the Mediterranean Sea after midnight as it purifies soul and body. You can wet your feet and wash your face (to be beautiful) instead with the same result.

Traditions of San Juan night
Traditions of San Juan night

Of course this night is a great time day to drink, eat or sleep at the beach until dawn. You will see groups of people bringing their food and drink, laying on the beach talking and meeting new people. Also beachside restaurants "Chiringuitos" will have full occupation to enjoy the typical "Espetos" of barbecued sardines. But, you must have an idea ABOUT EATING IN ANDALUCIA first.

Have fun with friends at La Noche de San Juan
Have fun with friends at La Noche de San Juan

It is always nice to enjoy the traditions in a beautiful atmosphere like this magical night of the summer, La Noche de San Juan!

Looking forward to hear how much fun you had! Have a nice day!

The Bonfires of San Juan - Swim at The Mediterranean Sea!
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