If you would like an Arabian experience and relaxing baths you can find it in the city centre of Málaga!

The legacy of the Muslim Period (7th-13th centuries) is nowdays one of the most interesting highlights of Andalusia, after their closure in the 16th century. You can enjoy this popular tradition in the city centre of Málaga like others Arabian countries, where people go to relax their muscles and use hot baths to purify them  selfs.

What is Hammam?

Hammam or Moorish Baths are buildings whose goal is purify the body and the soul with water at different temperatures, so there are several rooms depending of it. Water is the essential element.

The architectural style of these buildings is very important because they have the same architectural features of the Mosque, which has not changed for thousands of years. The mosaics, light and decor will captivate you.

How is the experience?

You will enjoy the pleasure of a quiet, smooth and relaxing atmosphere, where  you can renew your skin. 

When you visit the Hammam, you will enter to the changing room so clean and carefully decorated with Arabian signs and aromas, where you will leave your clothes in a safe locker.

After that, you will discover unique and new sensations exploring the differents pools and areas. You can lie on a hot stone or swim in one of several warm pools. You will be soothed by relaxing music and perfumes... the aromas will carry you back to bygone times.

Later, the staff will ask you to join them to the massage area, where the masseur will ask you where do you prefer to receive the massage and will apply the essential oils, which moisturizes your skin and creates a pleasant and fulfilling experience.

After the massage, you can continue your bath in the cold, hot and warm rooms for using the baths during the time remaining.

If you can not surrender to this real pleasure that will remove your tensions...you can choose easily your favourite relaxing Hammam experience in Málaga checking out the following links:

Bath and Kessal Traditional Massage for 49€!

Bath and double relaxing Massage for 59€!

Al Andalus Ritual, Bath & Stones for 64€!

We highly recommend this wonderful experience if you are visiting Málaga! Have a nice holiday! 

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