Street Names Malaga

Excuse me! where can I see the street names of Málaga?

We can help you to find them! Malaga´s street names are a little hidden...You should look for them in the walls of the buildings, they are probably located at the beginning or at the end of the street corners.

Street names of Malaga Collage
Street names of Malaga Collage

Usually there is a sign like this (white, blue or ancient black), and it is true that sometimes it is not easy to read it, because the letter is really small. You have to go closer, unless your view is very good... Our recommendation, it´s that you have to look for it, up! on your closer wall.

Malaga Street Signs
Malaga Street Signs

In addition it´s almost impossible to find parallel and perpendicular streets in the core of MalagaIt´s very easy to get lost!

View Malaga Streets
Málaga Cathedral View
It´s not the most easy way to know your location, when it´s your first time visiting the city. It should be better to find the indications like you can do in modern cities like New York, Australia, Hong Kong...

Hong Kong Streets
Hong Kong
You have to remember,  Malaga hasn´t been planned urbanistically from the beginning, as a result of Malaga was founded in VII b.C century....and lots of civilizations have lived here (Phoenicians, Carthaginians, Greeks, Romans, Barbarians, Muslims, Christians...) But the truth is that Malaga is a small town, and so far, the locals and more regular visitors recognize the streets by their characteristics and history, as well as some businesses very ancients, which are in the same location from generation to generation. Luckily today averybody can use Google Map and GPS !! we hope you have no problem to move around this city! Still, if you have any questions and we can help you, please write your comment or email us! :)

Street name in Malaga
Century Square

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