Do you know Malaga´s Cathedral?

We would like to tell you a little about the most important monument in the city of Malaga. The best of the Cathedral is that you can see it from streets and terraces where you least expect it. You can see the beautiful cathedral illuminated at night.

We recommend you to walk at sunset or at night around the street Cister and if it is spring-summer you will feel the good smell of the garden. And of course, if you prefer to enjoy it with a drink, we recommend you La Plaza del Obispo (The Bishop Square) or some of the best terraces in Málaga.

Amazing view of the Cathedral of Malaga from Cister street
Cathedral view from Cister Street

Why The Cathedral of Málaga is called the one-armed lady?

The first thing you should know is that The Cathedral is not finisihed  ... it lacks the south tower! It should have 2 towers like two hands, but it ended up without one of the two towers initially planned, so  the citiciens of Málaga,  called it "La Manquita" (One-Armed Lady). When the Catholic Monarchs took the city of Malaga in 1487, (establishing Christianity and expelling Muslims), the Old Mosque was adapted to the new Christian worship, but without a specific transformation project. The first works tried to built a Gothic cathedral (Home Tabernacle entrance to the cathedral) and later in 1528 a new project is presented (in which only they could demolish old part as it moves the new work topples), but various reasons made the work so slow down during the XVII-XVIII century, as a result of finishing the money for the construction of the cathedral in 1782 ... and although it has tried to end during the XIX and XX centuries ... it has not succeeded.

Malaga Catahedral 1880
Malaga Catahedral 1880
Malaga Cathedral 1915
Malaga Cathedral 1915
Next to the cathedral is the Sagrario Parish, also founded by the Catholic Monarchs (where there are still remnants of the former mosque). In addition, the main entrance today is between the garden and the Tabernacle. In relation to the building's architecture include the Renaissance facade and head, the choir mostly built in the XVII century, and the baroque style in its main facade.

View of the Cathedral from Gibralfaro Castle
View of the Cathedral from Gibralfaro Castle

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Cathedral from Bishop Square - Plaza del Obispo, Malaga
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