If you love Andalusia, you have to celebrate this day wherever you are! On 28th February 1980 Andalucia became an autonomous community in Spain, and citizens are so proud of it.

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What is Andalucia?

Andalucia is a south Spanish region established as an autonomous community. It is the most populated and the second largest in area of the autonomous communities in the country (the first one is Castile and León).

Top view Andalucia - Malaga Trips
Top view Andalucia - Malaga Trips

How many cities are there in Andalucia?

The territory is divided into eight provinces: Almería, Cádiz, Córdoba, Granada, Huelva, Jaén, Málaga and Seville, which is the capital of Andalucia.

Provinces Map Andalucia - Malaga-Trips

What about Gibraltar?

The small British overseas territory of Gibraltar shares a three-quarter-mile land border with the Andalusian province of Cádiz at the eastern end of the Strait of Gibraltar. If you would like to visit United Kingdom in this area, you can book from 47,90€ a day trip to Gibraltar from Malaga easily (transportation included)!

Rock of Gibraltar - Malaga Trips

Why is it called "Andalucía"?

The name "Andalucia" (Andalusia in english) is derived from the Arabic word Al-Andalus. This area is world-famous for bullfighting, climate, flamenco, gastronomy and tapas, fiestas, beaches...but also for the history and culture.

Nerja, typical white village in Andalucia - Malaga Trips

The most famous of Andalucia is...

The hightlights of the region depending of the city are:

Granada: La Alhambra and Sierra Nevada. Visit Granda and La Alhambra from 79,90€!

Sevilla: La Giralda, La Torre del Oro, Cathedral and Alcazar. Visit Sevilla from 63,90€!

Córdoba: The Mosque-cathedral "La Mezquita de Córdoba" and the beauty of narrows street. Visit Córdoba from 63,90€!

Málaga: Ronda, Nerja, Marbella, Picasso museum, Costa del Sol and shopping. Enjoy a Perfect Day in Malaga from 95€! or check out the best things to do on from 12,50€!

Cádiz: Beaches, White Villages, Xerez wine, horses and flamenco. Visit Jerez & Cadiz from 45,90€

Jaén: Olive oil, Ubeda and Nature Park Sierras de Cazorla and the Cathedral,

Almería: Beaches, Oasys and mini Hollywood, Cabo de Gata.

Huelva: Doñana National Park , white and endless beaches.

La Alhambra of Granada - Malaga Trips

Andalucia´s Flag

Here you can see the colours of our region! Green and white!

Andalusia´s Flag - Malaga Trips
Andalusia´s Flag - Malaga Trips

How do we celebrate Andalucia´s day?

It is a bank holiday, so children at school sing the anthem of Andalusia and eat bread with olive oil. There are special culture acts at the street and some flags at the balconies.

Wishing to have you here soon! I really hope yu liked this post! Have fun Andalusia!

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